• Unichem quick cleaner as colorlessness and odorless Liquid makes soluble in dirt, stain on the surfaces of all kinds of metals, alloy metal, tile quickly as of the excellent effect of solution
  • It has no flammability as a alkali cleaner of noninflammability and formulated high biodegradable detergency and it is safe to human body and environments.



  • Glass cleaner is the same as the strong glass cleaner easily removes and perfectly solidifies dust, oil stain, tobacco tar(nicotine), heavy spots on the glass and mirrors etc
  • After clean with it, preventing the attachment of the minute pollution like the protect of the static electricity and dust.
  • Glass cleaner feels more refreshed in cleaning with it’s natural perfumes.



  • Liquid coating wax has an excellent cleaning, coating property and protects the surface of the car body against acid rain and various pollutants and corrosion etc. With a special coating film.
  • It can save our customers the economic expence due to shortened working time which is not same as another solid wax.
  • It can be used on many things as back mirror, glass, metals, electric home appliances, cloth chest with mother-of-pearl.


0.55Lx12Btls/Box, 18L/Pail

  • It manufactures the natural wax especially to keep with the high brilliance and the long durability with only a small quantity.
  • It protects the symptoms of senility and discoloration and hardening process with leather tire and rubber. It keeps the natural and original colors on the surface of cars for a long time with the maintenance of brilliances.
  • It makes customers more satisfied with the additive perfumes.